E-Mail for Life Program
Changing your e-mail address can be a hassle, from finding an e-mail address you like to your friends, family and colleagues getting the new address. The reasons for having to change your e-mail address can be anything from changing jobs, a physical move, your provider going out of business or changing hands, the list is endless. Unfortunately, one of these things may or may not have already happened to you. To eliminate the headache and hassle changing your e-mail address can cause, Technologies 2010 has created an E-mail for Life program. With E-mail for Life, you never have to worry about changing your e-mail address again, because itís yours for life!

For just $2.95 a month you receive our web based e-mail without the size or space limitations imposed by other services*, and best of all, itís yours for life! So avoid the problems now and be on your way to hassle free, lifelong e-mail by calling us Toll Free at (877) 881-2010 to sign up for life!

*This service is not to be used as mass storage. Using this service as something other than a standard e-mail account or not following the Technologies 2010, Inc. TOS will result in account termination.



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